Gwen Bell - Stoicism & the Art of Computer Maintenance

Gwen Bell | Stoicism & the Art of Computer Maintenance

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Tuesday August 19, 2014
New piece at the inflection point of Buddhism and Arch Linux: Stackisfaction.

Monday August 18, 2014
Edited and added what I learned in the interview with E. The challenge occured to me during a fovel nap -- To Err is Human. To Debug, Divine..

"[A] healthy dose of skepticism and the ability to intelligently criticize are two of the most important, foundational qualities an educated general public must have to maintain autonomy and power in a quickly changing world." Maloney, Wired

New interview with E. Programmer, Debugger, Writer

Sunday, August 17 2014
Reading responses to the secret project. Just met this guy for the first time: Kernighan. Chido.
Are you carrying the fire?

I'm Gwen Bell a tech writer based in México. I code in Haskell, build with Hakyll, write in markdown on the command line using Vim and commit with Git. Local: Arch Linux. Remote: Debian.