Who Are You Now?

Who Are You Now is a 15 day Git-based writing course to get you at who you are now, in 2015. Daily commits with the purpose of working your (atrophied?) writing muscle.

  • Daily questions to by turns focus and illuminate yourself
  • Your host Gwen Bell, responds to your daily writing with even more questions (called FUQs -- follow up questions)
  • Starts June 1, 2015
  • Ends June 15, 2015

Who Are You Now? You tell me.

This is navel gazing done right.

Choose an option by noon PST, June 1, 2015.

Option 1 | Prompts Only

Prompts only. They'll be delivered daily to your inbox.

Option 2 | Interactive with Git

You'll get the prompts plus daily follow up questions from me, via Git, by 5p Mexico City Time.

Gwen Bell

I code. I write. I yoga. ∞


Made by an American living in Mexico with Arch, Git and Node | 2015