Gwen Bell

DATE: 2014-09-17

I’m in D.F. (Distrito Federal, México baby.)

I’m working on setting up repos for late-comers to Write. I know, I don’t usually do grace periods but I was feeling generous. Maybe it’s all the earthquakes and hurricanes, got me all shook up.

The hurricane damage

And México’s response. Watch the video. Learn some Español.

I’m pissed about

  1. Mine resistant armored vehicles being bought, repainted, stuffed with teddy bears and given carte blanche to men to drive around school campuses.
  2. The level of sophistication people (self included) with real tech skills now have, and the amount of power they lord over people who are either too poor, too scared or too in denial to do anything about it.


  • Daily Spanish practice.
  • Reports on the ground say I’m becoming a better speaker but I still think I’m pretty crap. THAT SAID I’m loathe to give up, since I have a long-term goal that nobody knows about and Spanish is part of the plan.
  • It’s officially fall in la ciudad and los pezalitos look cold to me, so I keep the veladoras going and they seem happier with that.
  • Next visa run approacheth. This is good because I need a wee break from all the seismic rumblings. Should I visa run to your town? Tell me why.


This is my face as of September 2014.

I work on the command line, with Arch Linux, Hakyll, Git and Vim.

I work in the fovel (faery hovel) at a standing desk I built. My only wall decorations are quinientos pesos, bills to remind me it’s all about the $.

I write, code, edit technomemoirs and help people onto their command lines and moving in the direction of digital independence and in the opposite direction of algo-reliance.

Why? Because it is The Work.


CONTACT: GWEN AT GWENBELL.COM, PGP | I AM OFF: FXXXBOOK, TW, Gproducts, MOBILE, INSTAFLICKATUMBLYMABOBBIES. OH, MICROSKYPE, TOO. I AM OFF "SOCIAL" (since it's a misnomer of epic proportions as of September 2014. Nothing social about sucking on a mobile device while avoiding eye contact and thinking to yourself "will anyone PLEASE like my status update???")

What does turn me on? Everything you see here, everything I'm working on right now and cashmoney over everything. I intend to reincarnate as a programming rapper.