Gwen Bell

The Person

I’m Gwen Bell Also go by Gwendolyn (my full name) and GB (for those who know me in person).

I live in D.F., México

Today 2014-09-18 I’m working on Write Before You Die repo pulls and pushes. Looking chilaquiletastic in the nearish future. Also, walking around town since it’s friggin’ gorgeous weather.

This is my face in Mexico City in September 2014.

The Current

  1. México’s response to the hurricanes.
  2. Mine resistant armored vehicles being bought, repainted, stuffed with teddy bears and given carte blanche to men to drive around school campuses.
  3. The level of sophistication people (self included) with real tech skills now have, and the amount of power they lord over people who are either too poor, too scared or too in denial to do anything about it.

The Stack