Gwen Bell - DANG



by Gwen Bell

DANG is a limited time offering. Available until 17 April 2014 at 10am CST.

2014-04-15 New Chapter: The Black Spot of Social

2014-04-15 38 45!! Photos of Mexico City. Yours when you open the Dang appendix.

2014-04-14 New Guest Chapter: Die Screening

Table of Contents

  • The Black Spot of Social
  • Die Screening
  • Level
  • Lie to Me
  • Some
  • The Most Important Thing
  • Self-Reliance: UNIX & Linux Essentials
  • No Such Thing as Half
  • A More Perfect Self(ie)
  • Get on Kairos Time
  • Can't Sugarcoat Shit
  • Opt Out of Algos, Not Society
  • How to Communicate on the Internet
  • Attention
  • Encrypt Everything: The Problem with Nothing to Hide Thinking
  • Safety is a Need Not a Feeling
  • Hairbreadth
  • Truth and Fauxthusiasm
  • Gait Points
  • Go to Pieces
  • Stoic Mode; Or, How to Disappear Completely
  • I Guess I'm Gonna Have to Write a Love Letter to Haskell
  • Git Init
  • If You Don't Use it, You Lose it
  • 9 Wounds
  • Give a Definite Answer
  • Ritual
  • Casablanca; Or, Bub Emerson Was Right
  • It Could Always Be Worse; Or, How to Get Through the Day
  • Stalk
  • Run Lean
  • The Power of Negative Thinking
  • Evolve Beyond Tracking
  • The Art of Graceful Leaving
  • Cut on the Lifeline
  • On Kids & Sanctuary
  • Appendix, Attention Detox

DANG is a digital book. When you buy it you'll get an email with a link to read it. If you opt for the bucket of cold water, I'll be in touch with our meeting deets. If you want to join me for it in Mexico City, that's a possiblity we'll work out once you buy your bucket.


You get: the book.


DANG + A Bucket of Cold Water

You get: the book and a bucket of cold water from Gwen Bell El GB. We'll upgrade your stack, get you off the draining-life-sucking, time-wasting stuff you're on, and look at your digital offerings with fresh eyes. I will tell you the truth, we'll decide on next actions, and then you'll take them.


DANG + 4 One on Ones

You get: the book and 4 dunkings in cold water with Gwen Bell El GB.

Sometimes you need more than one dunking in cold water. This is that. The biggest question people want to know is how to get to the life I'm living. I always chuckle and tell them they don't want to take the path I've taken. It's been harder'n tarnell. Still! Worth it. I love the life I'm living, have zero distractions, take care of my mind/body/digital self and can help you onto a similar path of your own making. Four sessions, once a week for a month. A lot can happen in a month if you're ready to plunge.


Your author, Gwen Bell pictured here without a book covering her face, is a México City based Linux, Git, Haskell, Programmer Writer, fond of Dark Coffee, Strong Men and Elixir de los Mortales. She's been named a Most Influential Woman in Tech by Fast Company and Forbes. Before that, she owned a yoga studio in Japan. Now she lives with a wild assortment of characters, some of whom are pictured in DANG, and enjoys her post-social life in one of the greatest cities on Earth.


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