Where will your words go?

That’s the question I want the answer to. Where will your words go. Once the social sites are gone. Once the machine gives out. Once the medium changes.

What will become of your words?

We’re done for. Oh, that sounds extreme. But it’s real. We’re terminal, we’re done for. Whether that’s next month or next year or a hundred years from now, we’re going to kick the buckets, go belly up the way my guppies did earlier this year or otherwise end up in a state not as ideal as the one we’re in right now.

That’s why I keep saying it could always be worse.

Because it’s true! If you’re reading this, you’re still alive.

Unless you’re a ghost. In which case, hello undead!

Speaking of ghosts.

I got good at asking questions as a kid. Really, I got good at asking questions about death as a kid. My mom was dying and nobody wanted to tell me anything. I hated that. So I got good at asking destabilizing questions. Questions that made adults squirm. Questions that made them say, “not right now honey” and “go ask your grandmother.” That’s when I knew I was asking a worthwhile question.

When nobody’d give me a straight answer.

Now some of the prompts in Write may make you uncomfortable. In my beta test group (started August 15, ends September 15) a participant (a programmer) got stumped on a question. Maybe more than one, but he admitted to one.

And we dug into it. We went deeper, and neither of us got so uncomfortable we walked away from the writing.

My responsibility to you (in the guided version) is to show up and be there as you get uncomfortable.

Your responsibility as the writer is to either go where you’re uncomfortable or acknowledge you’ve gone far enough.

Good writing, as with good question asking, takes you places you might not enjoy. That is the point. Go there now, rather than regret never asking, nor being asked, nor answering, the hard questions.

Write Before You Die | 30 Days to Write Your Technomemoir

The E-Book Option

Just the e-book. You get:

The Living Book Option

The living book option gets you one on one attention to your writing and craft, from me, starting in September 2014.

We start 15 September and run through 15 October.


When I get confirmation of your payment, I add your name to a custom-built-for-you Gitlab repo.

When we start, you send me your responses to prompts via a Git push and I’ll respond in-line and help you shape your technomemoir in 30 days.

Work at your own pace, just get it done in 30 days.

I’ll work at your digital side daily from 15 September to 15 October 2014.

By mid-October, you’ll have a book you’ve created with input from yours truly. This September become a better writer.

The focus? Tech and memoir. Technomemoir. Where your human life intersects with technology.


Yo. You’re the only one who can answer that question. Because you want to become a writer. Because you are a writer and want to become a better one.

Because you want to reflect on your singular experience and then tell it in a way that others want to (perhaps) hear.

Because you want to be asked, and answer, hard questions.

So, why do you want to write before you die? Only you can answer that. You can get the guide, write responses to all the prompts. Then step back at the end of October 2014 and say, “I wrote a book.”

Who is Write for?

It’s for you if

Write Before You Die & Let Your Words Outlive You.