Gwen Bell - Mexpatriette

Gwendolyn Bell, Escritora y Programadora en la Ciudad de México


  • Lives in D.F., speaks Chilango.
  • Writes. Codes. Edits. Reflects on death daily. ∞
  • Has a body.
  • Works at a standing desk in a fovel.


  • 2014-09-23: This is D.O.A., Death of Autosave. Moment of silence.
  • 2014-09-23: Coffee, messy fovel, standing desk, photo switcharoo, Ignacio Zaragoza peering down at me in a bespectacled fashion.

September 2014 Stack

  • Arch Linux (operating system)
  • xmonad (window management)
  • Haskell (site construction)
  • Git (version control)
  • Vim (write and code)
  • Terminology (terminal emulator)
  • Tor (browse)
  • Gimp (photos)
  • PGP with Mutt (email)
  • Startpage (search)