Write Before You Die with Gwen Bell · Starts 15 September 2014

Click to buy one of the options below by 5pm Mexico City Time, September 15th, 2014.

Write: The E-Book Option

When you buy Write Before You Die, the e-book option you get:

  • A multi-question prompt per day for 30 days
  • Prompts focus on your digital life and after-life
  • A guide with hints about writing your technomemoir

It’s delivered to you upon purchase. If you have any problems, please let me know. Contact in huge letters at bottom of the page.


Write: The Living Book Option

The living book option gets you a month of one-on-one attention to your writing and craft.

I’ll be your repo partner on the command Line. You get an attentive reader and editor.

You also get:

  • A custom-built-for-you Gitlab repo
  • The prompts, all in one go, to be answered daily starting 15 September
  • Feedback and edits once a day at 5p Mexico City time

By mid-October, if you do the work, you’ll have written a book, with my guidance.


Write: The Digital Refugee Pack

Let’s say you have no idea what I mean by Vim, Git, repo and push/pull on the command line. Fine. Learn Git, build your own website and commit with me from September 15 to October 15, 2014.

After you’ve deleted all those crappy time-suck services that could give two shits about your legacy you’ll be building resilience and longevity into your work. Your refugee pack includes

  • The e-book with all the prompts
  • Daily guidance to help you shape your technomemoir
  • Miserable Git and Git for Publishers to get your Git skills up
  • Align Your Website to get your site ready for anything
  • One call with me, from a payphone somewhere in Mexico, in either Sept or Oct, your choice


Technical Details
  1. You write into whatever text editor you want (I recommend Vim) and Git commit your work.
  2. I perform a git pull against your repo once a day at 5pm in Mexico City.
  3. I read, edit and do a push of my edits under ## Discuss on that day’s writing.
  4. I do a push up to your repo when I’m done with the edits.
  5. You do a pull, bringing edits down to your local machine.

The repo is private; the two of us and the devs at Gitlab have access to it. If you want more privacy than that, you’re welcome to learn Ruby on Rails and add me to that repo.

No idea what the technical details mean? Pick up The Digital Refugee Pack. You can handle all of it in a month if you dedicate yourself.

Write your technomemoir this September. What you discover about yourself might surprise you.

Gwendolyn Bell lives in a Japanesican apartment in Mexico City where she writes, edits, codes, communes with faeries and raises happy bettas.

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