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Sun Apr 20 18:15:05 CDT 2014 Contemplating what I consider a remarkable talk between HG Wells and Stalin. [Beware: loads of scripts on the New Statesmen; you might want to enable NoScript before visiting].

Sun Apr 20 10:50:35 CDT 2014 A special Holy Day piece. Beware: cussing. Bloody Tech. Spread it around to all your family and friends who didn't really want to hear from their children in a mass mailing this holiday. They spammed you for Easter, right? (They'd say "no, I didn't spam anybody!!!!" And they'd be right. Because if it has the word Jesus or God in it it is righteous and above the law. Use this day to your advantage.)

Sat Apr 19 21:26:43 CDT 2014 The city is とても静かな totemo shizuka na tonight. Emptied out for the holiday and has stayed that way. Talked with Bub E. He asked that I survive future earthquakes, too. As for tonight: candles, sleep, a citycation.

Sat Apr 19 12:19:52 CDT 2014 Startpage: "When we search, we share our most private thoughts with our computers. These private thoughts should be safe."

Sat Apr 19 11:42:31 CDT 2014 Gotta chase down them basura guys durante la semana santa. Not that I blame them; skip a few trash days ish gets ripe.

Fri Apr 18 16:36:49 CDT 2014 Huge earthquake -- sismo en Español, jishin in Japanese. 7.2. All clear as of 4 in the afternoon.

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