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Gwen Bell, México City, April 2014

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Sat Apr 19 21:26:43 CDT 2014 The city is totemo shizuka tonight. Emptied out for the holiday and has stayed that way. Talked with Bub E. He asked that I survive future earthquakes, too. As for tonight: candles, sleep, a sort of citycation.

Sat Apr 19 12:19:52 CDT 2014 Startpage: "When we search, we share our most private thoughts with our computers. These private thoughts should be safe."

Sat Apr 19 11:42:31 CDT 2014 Gotta chase down them basura guys durante la semana santa. Not that I blame them; skip a few trash days ish gets ripe.

Fri Apr 18 16:36:49 CDT 2014 Huge earthquake -- sismo en Español, jishin in Japanese. 7.2. All clear as of 4 in the afternoon.

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