Inspired by Jake Lodwick I'm updating my Belongings list to The Shit to Get List.

Jake, incidentally, was born within days of the day I was born.

Which, inci-incidentally, was in 1981. Not 1934.

Got the memo several times now that you've gpoogled for me and results claiming I am much older than I say I am. Well guess what, it's not me lying. It's the search results that are lying. WHY YOU STILL USING GPOOGLE?!?! Is this some 'machine incorrect learning' going on here? Don't tell me, tell the people at the place serving the incorrect search results.

Now, the shit to get. Last time I updated my Belongings page was 2013. I lived in Brooklyn and that was two years ago. I've since settled into life in Mexico, so time for an update!

How It All Began

Long ago, in a dark corner of the world, I lived in a crumbling building (what is it with me and crumbling buildings!?!?) called Norfolk Terrace, which as of 2015 has apparently been burgled -- where I read and was inspired by the only book on simplicity I recommend, Duane Elgin's Voluntary Simplicity. At the time I lived in that tiny dorm room I already lived with few belongings. Once I read Voluntary Simplicity I had more reasons to continue on the path.




  • For keeping the dentist visits chill Sonicare
  • For keeping the smog-pollution-allergy-inducing-elements out of head Neti
  • For building upper body strength/getting heart rate up weighted jump rope
  • For full-body strength and relaxation that travels with you Manduka eco-liteyoga mat
  • For sleeping through the night in a gigantic city that never sleeps 3M earmuffs




  • For writing on paper Sakura .3 micron
  • For quick jots Notecards and Butterfly Clips


Basic Sanity

  • For basic sanity tending a crumbling balcony garden, a small aquarium with angeles, bettas, guppies and corydoras


American made in Mexico with Arch, Node, Sunshine, Dirt & G(r)it.| 2015