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March 15, 2014

I’ve lived with little for years, inspired by the only book on simplicity I recommend, Duane Elgin’s Voluntary Simplicity. At the time I lived in a tiny dorm room at the University of East Anglia, in Norwich, UK. I already lived with few belongings, and once I Elgin’s book I had more reasons to continue on the path. As an expat you have to keep your stacks light and lean.

During the nearly four years I lived in Japan I learned to appreciate the chibi kawaii way of living. A few small, well-crafted, items can last a lifetime.

I’m not compensated if you purchase any of the items on this list; I don’t do advertorials.


Where it comes to the body and well-being, I never skimp. I floss and don’t miss a day. I get my teeth checked every 6 to 8 months, I lengthen my spine on planes I do yoga daily. On this:

  • Manduka I have it in black. Though I love it, this is not for beginner practitioners. Light
  • Neti pot. Fresh
  • Bronners. I love it. I use it for everything. Multi-purpose peppermint
  • Sonicare toothbrush. I’m back to a manual brush; no replacement heads in Mexico far as I can tell. Essential
  • Kimono I’m off Kimonos; quality drop since 2011. Mexico, M Natural


  • Everything I own fits in this Mission Workshop bag. Nope, I don’t rent a storage unit anywhere. Bonus. If you’re in SF talk with Morgan. Tell him Gwen says hey and I actually did the RTW thing out of the bag he sold me.
  • Outlier Quality started to give at the end of a year. In fact, I started to be concerned about the futuristic material and whether it was going to do me harm in the long-run
  • Leica D-Lux 5 I bought this Leica in 2011 and have enjoyed it nearly every day since. Perfectly crafted, the photos it produces are a reflection of the care that went into creating this camera. Still true, three years later


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Published 2012-12-12, updated 2014-03-15

México City, April 2014

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