Gwen Bell

GB, The Human

  • Lives in D.F. and is getting Polo’d.
  • 2014-09-18 working on today’s Write Before You Die pulls and pushes; amazed at how fast y’all drop into the work.
  • Has a face.
  • Practices Stoicism (gaman: it could always be worse).
  • Recommends Anne Wilson Schaef’s When Society Becomes an Addict.
  • Reflects on death daily and ends each day with 3 Appreciations.

The Current

  1. México’s response to the hurricanes.
  2. Mine resistant armored vehicles being bought, repainted, stuffed with teddy bears and given carte blanche to men to drive around school campuses.
  3. The level of sophistication people (self included) with real tech skills now have, and the amount of power they lord over people who are either too poor, too scared or too in denial to do anything about it.

The Stack

  • Arch Linux
  • xmonad
  • Haskell
  • Git
  • Vim
  • Terminology
  • Tor
  • Gimp
  • PGP with Mutt