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I've had three jobs in "Dish" although I've never heard it called that before this thread. For the remainder of this column I shall use New Zealand vernacular. I got my first dishpig job because I had a friend who was a chef. I got my 2nd and 3rd by cold calling. I was typicially out of money, needing a job any job asap. So I got the phonebook and when through the cafes alphabetically, just call them all until you find the one where the last dishpig has just left. Imagine, you are struggling to run a place, one day your dishpig doesn't come into work, but then the phone rings and a voice asks if you need a dishwasher or kitchen hand. yes. yes i do.

The first time I did this I only got through to "C" before I had a definite interview (in wellington, which is a small city), the second time, I got through to "E", but actually ended up working at the very first place I called "Aioli Cafe", this reopening as a sushi resturant, but still in the phonebook under the old name. This one was actually pretty funny because it turned out to be run by a guy from my class in highschool. (10 years later, 600 km away) The economy is worse now, so maybe you'll have to go furthur.

The big mistake I made there was being too competent. I got promoted out of Dish to Deep Fry Cook. There are so many ways you can fuck up preparing someone's food. It's a lot more stress than washing dishes, and for only an extra $0.5 an hour. As a dishwasher, you just gotta not break plates, put them back in the right place, and make sure they actually clean. Oh, and when things get busy you need to make sure that clean plates are coming out as fast as dirty plates are coming in.

But working as a cook felt like a video game where aliens attack in waves and you never know if the next wave will overwhelm you and destroy the earth. Also, it was a tiny place and I had to do my own prep - basically like equiping my ship with the right weapons and powerups inbetween levels. Basically, terrifying. But eventually I got the hang of it.

Often while the resurant was quiet, I'd have nothing to do, sometimes this would mean cleaning whatever hadn't been cleaned in a while. But sometimes I could get away with reading. I read this sushi magazine where they interviewed a (real, japanese) sushi apprentice. He had been learning for 5 years. Washing the floor, peeling the octopus. At night, practicing making sushi with the leftover rice and old fish for free. Said he was very happy. Maybe you don't get a dish job that easily in Japan.

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Hi. I'm Gwen Bell. I live in Mexico City, Mexico. Fluffy kittens and other cute things, hooray.

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